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Why Hiring a Qualified Plumber for Slab Leak Repair is Crucial

There are several common reasons your drains smell bad. Drains serve a vital role in the function of a plumbing fixture. Drains allow dirty wastewater to be disposed of. That being said drains see a lot of action. It’s important to make sure proper plumbing maintenance is performed in order to keep drains working correctly. Sometimes proper plumbing maintenance falls by the wayside and problems arise. Slow drainage caused by a clog and even drains that smell bad are very common when routine plumbing maintenance is not performed. For the purposes of this blog, we will discuss reasons your drains smell bad and what to do about it.

Dry P Trap

One common reason your drain smells bad is a dried p trap. A dried p trap will result in a sewer odor emitting from a sink that maybe hasn’t been used in a while. A p trap is designed to use water to block the sewer gases from leaking up the drain. If a sink’s p trap dies out this can result in a drain that smells bad. To alleviate this problem pour water down the drain to restore the water barrier in the p trap. To prevent a drain that smells bad in the future run water down the drain on regular intervals as part of your routine plumbing maintenance.

Clogged Vent Pipe

Aside from a p trap, plumbing systems also use a vent pipe to direct sewer gasses away from the home. These pipes often lead up and out of the roof, where they can often become clogged with debris, animal nests, and snow. A clogged vent pipe can result in drains that smell bad. If this is the case call for a professional plumber to inspect the vent pipe.

Issues with Sewer Line

If the smelly drain issue is not isolated to one drain but all of the drains in the house, this may tell you that there is an issue with a main sewer line. There could be damage or a break in the main sewer line. Aside from drains that smell bad other side effects accompanying a break in a main sewer line are gurgling sounds from the drains and clogs. If this is the case call a professional plumber right away. A break in the main sewer line can require extensive plumbing repairs.

Improper Use of Garbage Disposal

A common misconception is that a garbage disposal is a garbage can. This just isn’t the case. Improper use of the garbage disposal can cause a clog and break the garbage disposal resulting in a drain that smells bad. Avoid putting anything down the garbage disposal that doesn’t belong; this includes trash, large particles of food, fibrous food particles, bones, and harsh chemicals. To deodorize a garbage disposal with a drain that smells bad you can use baking soda and hot water, vinegar, citrus peels, and ice cubes.

If you take good care of your drain you can prevent drains that smell bad. If you are suffering from drains that smell bad contact Courtesy Plumbing today to do a complete plumbing inspection.

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