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Common Water Myths: Fact or Fiction?

There are a lot of water myths surrounding household plumbing. Old wives tales and random tidbits of information that over the years has become common knowledge so you though! Most of these water myths originated with some form of truth, but its kind of like a game of telephone that has been played for decades. Here are some of our favorite water myths. Which of these water myths are fact or fiction? Read on to find out!

Water Myth #1 – Water drains counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere

Fact or fiction? This water myth actually does have some merit to it. There is a mysterious force in nature known as the Coriolis Force Effect. The Coriolis Force Effect is an inertial force that appears to deflect an object from its intended path. This is based on the Earths rotation. The Coriolis Force Effect can alter large air masses over long distances. However, the effects of the Coriolis Force Effect on plumbing fixtures is too minute to measure. The major thing determining the direction the water flows is the actual shape of the plumbing fixture.

Water Myth #2 – Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet

Fact or fiction? The toilet was actually invented by a man named Sir John Harrington, who actually installed a “flushing closet” for Queen Elizabeth the First. Thomas Crapper simply took Harrington’s idea and improved the functionality of it. The flush toilet was later patented by a man named Alexander Cummings in 1775.

Water Myth #3 – Ice Cubes will sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal

Fact or fiction? Ice cubes don’t actually sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal, however, putting ice cubes down the garbage disposal can help the functionality of your garbage disposal by cleaning of debris that over time can cake onto the blades making your garbage disposal run less efficiently.

Water Myth #4 – Rodents and other animals can enter your home through the toilet or drain

Fact or fiction? Unfortunately, this isn’t a myth. Snakes, rodents, and other animals can gain access to your home through the toilet and drain. If this is a plumbing nightmare that you are familiar with contact your plumbing company. There are a variety of traps and valves you can install to hold creatures at bay and protect your home and plumbing from nasty intruders.

Have you heard any other water myths that you would like to share? We will let you know if they are actually fact or fiction! To learn more about Courtesy Plumbing and our services click here!

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