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Why Hiring a Qualified Plumber for Slab Leak Repair is Crucial

A home’s plumbing system is one of the most integral systems in the home. It’s important that the plumbing system remains in proper working order to protect the health and safety of the home’s inhabitants. Some plumbing systems break down from normal wear and tear, however, a lot of plumbing disasters can be prevented. Here are 10 things that ruin a plumbing system.

  1. DIY: Attempting to fix it yourself can have serious repercussions and ruin a plumbing system. Remember if you don’t know what you are doing don’t ruin a plumbing system, please please please hire a professional plumber to do the job.
  2. Liquid Drain Cleaner: Liquid drain cleaner can ruin a plumbing system and quite frankly don’t work that well. They are dangerous for you to handle and the harsh chemicals can actually damage your plumbing system. Get the job done right the first time and hire a professional plumber.
  3. Harmful Chemicals in Septic Tank: A septic tank needs to be properly taken care of to prevent damage. Harsh chemicals like drain cleaner, bleach, paint, etc. can ruin a plumbing system and septic tank by causing damage to the tank itself and harming the natural microorganisms that eliminate the waste. When a septic tank isn’t working properly the outcome is not very fun, and can, in fact, be quite an expensive repair.
  4. Trash: Trash belongs in the trash can not down the drain. Flushing trash and putting it down the drain will ruin a plumbing system. It does not disintegrate and could get trapped leading to a blockage.
  5. Grease: Pouring grease down the drain will ruin a plumbing system. Once it cools, grease can become lodged in a pipe, collecting other debris and create a really nasty mess that clogs a drain.
  6. Putting Everything in The Garbage Disposal: The garbage disposal is not a garbage can, and treating it like a garbage can will ruin a plumbing system. Trash, bones, large peels, leftovers, paint, and other chemicals do not belong in the garbage disposal. It can cause clogs and other damage to a plumbing system. Dispose of these items the proper way.
  7. Toilet Fresheners: While toilet fresheners make the toilet water a pretty shade of blue, then contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the working parts of a toilet. Aside from the harsh chemicals they contain, they can ruin a plumbing system if a large particle breaks off, as it can get caught in the flush valve and prevent the toilet from flushing properly.
  8. Replace Hoses: Hoses on major appliances like washing machines should be replaced every 5 years or so. They naturally wear down over the years and will give no warning before they give out. To prevent an issue, replace them before there is a leak, which can cause further damage.
  9. Outdated Water Heaters: Old water heaters are just not only inefficient but are not built to last forever. Chances are an old water heater will go out when the homeowner least expects it, like when they are on vacation. An old water heater could start leaking and cause all kinds of damage. Water heaters should be replaced every 10-12 years or so.
  10. Never Mess With the Water Heater: Homeowners will sometimes attempt to drain the water heater themselves or adjust the temperature and or pressure valve themselves. This can be dangerous and ruin a plumbing system. These tasks should always be done by a professional to prevent damage and serious injury.

A lot of plumbing issues are actually preventable. Proper routine maintenance and due diligence are required to keep a plumbing system in proper working order. Got a plumbing problem give Courtesy Plumbing a call.

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