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Low Water Pressure? Three Reasons Why

Do you have good water pressure? Its the little things in life you know? A well-functioning plumbing system should be able to deliver water to you at just the right pressure; when something goes awry you definitely take notice, whether your in the shower lathering up or just washing your hands, low water pressure can be a real pain, not to mention a sign that there could be a bigger problem afoot.

Three of the biggest culprits to low water pressure are:

  • Mineral deposit buildup
  • Debris in the water
  • Broken/damaged/leaky pipes

To see what is causing low water pressure it takes a little investigation and troubleshooting. Sometimes its a really quick and simple fix. Other times it takes a more thorough inspection.

Mineral Deposit Buildup

Over time it’s natural for some mineral deposits to form inside pipes. The age of the home will decipher what material the pipes are made of. Most newer homes use a plastic pipe like PVC, older homes may have galvanized steel, cast iron, or if it’s really old even lead pipes. Aside from low water pressure if your older home has its original plumbing system it may be a good idea to repipe to avoid other health and safety issues.

Debris in The Water

There is a variety of reason why there may be debris in the water. From seasonal algae to problems with your water heater; the city could have also done some work on the water lines that can cause some debris. Debris in the water can eventually cause clogs in pipes and fixtures. It’s important to inspect fixtures to see if they are working properly, then go from there. If a lot of debris in the water is the culprit then you may also want to consider a water purification system.

Damaged/Broken/Leaky Pipes

A damaged, broken, or leaky pipe can have a huge impact on your water pressure because not all of the water is getting to the desired location. It’s important to take care of damaged, broken, or leaky pipes not just for the sake of your low water pressure but also to help conserve water and save money on your water bill. There is no sense in wasting money and water.

Some other things to consider when you are suffering from low water pressure are the water valves and pressure monitor. It could also be the supply to the home or business. If you are suffering from low water pressure you should have a thorough plumbing inspection performed. You could be wasting water, money and causing more damage to the property by ignoring a larger problem. Courtesy Plumbing is here to help! Contact Courtesy Plumbing today for a complete plumbing inspection.

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