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Why Hiring a Qualified Plumber for Slab Leak Repair is Crucial

Replacing the faucets in your home is a great way to update your kitchen or bathroom without a complete overall. By updating a faucet you can modernize your space without spending a ton of money. However just because you aren’t spending a lot to update your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. The old rule of thumb “you get what you pay for” reigns very true, especially with plumbing fixtures. Here’s why you should always buy a faucet from a professional plumber.


When it comes to replacing a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom you should always buy a faucet from a professional plumber because chances are it will be of higher quality. Many of the fixtures you can select at a big box store like home depot do not use professional quality materials, which allows them to undercut the cost a little bit. Professional plumbers will purchase plumbing fixtures and materials from a professional plumbing store, which will ensure that all of the parts inside the faucet are made with good quality professional-grade materials and the finishing on the outside will be the same.

It Will Last Longer

By purchasing a faucet from a professional plumber you will get a better quality product which means it will probably last longer. A lot of the times when you purchase a faucet from a big box store the plastic parts will wear out faster and the finishing will rub off sooner. By spending a little more on a more high-quality piece you will get more use out of it.

Proper Installation

Purchasing a faucet from a professional plumber will also help ensure that the faucet is installed correctly. This is really important when it comes to preventing leaks and conserving water. A leaky faucet could cause water damage which leads to more expensive repairs down the road. Not to mention the water waste: if your faucet leaks 30 drips a minute that can account for 2.85 gallons a day which adds up to 1,041 gallons a year. That’s a huge chunk of change wasted down the drain, not to mention the excessive waste of our most precious resource!

Most professional plumbers will have a variety of faucets to choose from to fit your budget and taste. Replacing your old faucets with new faucets is not only a great way to update and modernize your kitchen or bathroom but also a great way to conserve water around the house, as newer models are designed to use less water than older ones. For more information on replacing your faucets and saving water around the house check out our other articles.

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