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Hosting a Party for Super Bowl? Here are Some Plumbing Tips to Help Keep Things Flowing

Get-togethers are always fun, be it the holidays, or Super Bowl Sunday any excuse is a good excuse to host a party. As the party host, you may find that entertaining puts a little extra stress on your plumbing system. The extra use of preparing all the goodies in the kitchen to the extra traffic in the bathroom. Here are some plumbing tips to help keep things flowing for your Super Bowl Sunday get together!

#1 Be Nice to Your Dishwasher

The dishwasher definitely comes in handy when it comes to entertaining. With all the extra cooking going on you need to be able to clean as you go and keep things moving. The dishwasher is instrumental in helping you clean up during and after food preparation so it is important to make sure it is up to the task. Clean your dishwasher before heavy usage. Sometimes a film can buildup on the bottom of your dishwasher over time. Cleaning your dishwasher can help keep things running smoothly and prevent any clogs down the line. Also, make sure you are rinsing your dishes thoroughly to prevent food particles from traveling down the line and causing clogs. Also avoid overloading, to help keep your dishwasher running efficiently.

#2 Be Nice to Your Garbage Disposal

Aside from the dishwasher the garbage disposal also takes a beating whenever you are entertaining. Make sure you watch what you are putting down the garbage disposal. If you find yourself second guessing yourself it is probably better off in the trash. We know there is nothing better than wings on Super Bowl Sunday; if you are preparing your wings at home keep the bones and grease out of the garbage disposal. With heavy usage its always good to run your garbage disposal often and with running water to keep things flowing.

#3 Prepare Your Guest Bathroom

Whenever you have a group of people over to your house, they will obviously need to use the facilities. Its good to be proactive before your guests arrive. Inspect the toilet and sink for any leaks and to make sure everything is working correctly. By having repairs done ahead of time you can help protect your plumbing system and prevent a plumbing disaster. If you have a running toilet replacing the part before heavy usage can help save water.

We hope everyone has a safe a fun Super Bowl Sunday! Always remember if you find yourself in the middles of a plumbing disaster, call the professionals! Courtesy Plumbing is always available to take your call!

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