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The Benefits of Having a Whole Home Water Filtration System

Good clean drinking water is important for one’s health. Did you know that there are other benefits to having a whole home water filtration system like Pelican installed? Aside from great tasting drinking water, a whole home water filtration system has an impact on other areas that you probably haven’t given much thought about. Here are some of the benefits of having a whole home water filtration system installed.

#1 Clean Water for Drinking and Cooking

A whole-home water filtration system like Pelican will remove heavy metals, sediment, chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants from your water. This is beneficial for your health and also produces better-tasting water. With a never-ending supply, you will have plenty of water for drinking and cooking.

#2 Better Showers and Baths

Your skin is your bodies largest organ and it absorbs everything. Lotion, soup, and water. A whole-home water filtration system will ensure that your skin only comes in contact with pure water free of chlorine, a known carcinogen. In addition to having cleaner water for showers, your faucets will also have less buildup which can affect water pressure.

#3 An Extended Life of Water Using Appliances

Running water-using appliances with water from a whole home water filtration system helps extend their life because the water is free of contaminants that can cause buildup over time. This helps save you money in the long run. It also prevents the vapors of harsh chemicals in your water to be released into the air and imbedded in clothing when using appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine.

#4 Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can occur at any time, an earthquake, storm, sewage spill, chemical spill, etc… It’s important to be prepared for emergencies. One of the best ways to prepare is to have a whole home water filtration system. When emergencies happen bottled water may be hard to get a hold of if you have a whole home water filtration system you will be better prepared to protect yourself and your family.

#5 Save Money

By filtering your own water you can save money on bottled water. You can use reusable water containers to take water with you everywhere instead of buying filtered water bottles where you don’t know where the source is. This is also better for the environment by eliminating the number of empty plastic bottles.

Courtesy Plumbing is an authorized dealer and installer of Pelican Water Systems, a whole house water filtration system that is salt-free. Pelican Water Systems are maintenance-free, have a lifetime warranty, and are energy efficient. Learn more about Pelican Water Systems here.

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