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Plumbing Tips: Common Toilet Problems

You never really give much thought to the toilet until it’s on the fritz, then it can be all-consuming. A plumbing issue with your toilet can lead to bigger plumbing problems and bigger plumbing repairs, however, if you catch it early you can save money in the long run and eliminate the stress of a plumbing issue. Here are some plumbing tips for common toilet Problems.

#1 Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is the most common problem. When it comes to a clogged toilet you want to make sure you are using the right plunger for the job. A fringe plunger in the best plunger to use on a toilet clog because it can get a better seal around the drain allowing for better suction. If you can ongoing clogs then you may need to contact your preferred plumber as there could be a blockage further down the line.

#2 Phantom Flushes

A phantom flush is where the bowl of the toilet fills with water on its own. It can sound like the toilet is flushing itself. This is a result of water leaking into the bowl. This is a sign the flapper needs to be replaced.

#3 Bowl Water Level Drops

After flushing if the water level does not return to normal levels there could be one of two things going on; either there is a clog, or there is a crack in the interior piping of the bowl. If the later turns out to be the case then its time to replace the bowl.

# 4 Leaky Seals

There are several areas your toilet could be leaking:

  1. Between the tank and the bowl, this will result in a large leak and will need to be fixed right away.
  2. The wax seal at the base of the toilet.
  3. The small seals at the mounting bolts at the base of the ballcock.

All of these seals can fail at one time or another. Having a professional plumber repair these common toilet problems is probably your best bet.

# 5 Double Flush

A double flush is another common toilet problem that can be more than a little annoying, especially if you are trying to conserve water. If you find your toilet flushing back to back check the water level in the tank. It may be set to high. Lowering the level should alleviate this toilet problem.

Suffering from any of these common toilet problems? Courtesy Plumbing is always available to help you troubleshoot some of the most common toilet problems. Contact Courtesy Plumbing today!

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