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Signs You May Have a Major Plumbing Leak on Your Hands

Plumbing leaks can be minor or major, either way, they need to be attended to right away. Sometimes it’s obvious that a plumbing leak is present, other times it takes a little more detective work. Leaks are one of the most common plumbing problems we run into. From normal wear and tear to serious clogs, plumbing leaks can be caused by a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most obvious signs that you might have a major plumbing leak on your hands.

Rusty Spots

Rusty spots that appear randomly on walls or other odd places around the home could mean that there is a major plumbing leak lurking behind closed walls. A professional plumber should be called right away if rust stains start showing up. Proper attention will help prevent further damage and other problems.

Murky Water

Water that is contaminated or murky could also be a sing there is a plumbing leak. Sometimes water may be a little discolored from natural sediments or air bubbles, however, if the problem persists, especially if a water filtration system is in place than a more serious problem may be the cause. Call a professional plumber right away to rule out any serious causes.

Visible Cracks

Visible cracks or holes in pipes is an obvious giveaway. If not repaired right away there could be other problems like damage to the surrounding area and mold. If cracks or holes are visible, call a professional plumber right away.


Corrosion naturally happens over time, especially with older pipes made from iron or galvanized steel. If corrosion is visible on the outside, then chances are there is corrosion inside. This could be a sign that plumbing leaks are imminent, if not already in existence. To prevent any extensive damage, call a professional plumber for an assessment.

Dampness or Puddles

A visible sign of a plumbing leak is and wet spots on walls or pools of water that are unexplained. This obvious sign is not something that should be ignored. It could be a pipe inside the wall or a slab leak, which means a pipe is leaking beneath the foundation of the home.  Only a professional plumber will be able to tell if this is the case.

Other signs you may have a plumbing leak are sounds of rushing or dripping water or a higher than usual water bill. Call a plumber right away to further investigate.

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