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Why Hiring a Qualified Plumber for Slab Leak Repair is Crucial

Conserving water around the house is always a great idea. It not only benefits the environment but also lowers your monthly water bill. Conducting a water waste audit around the house is a good idea and should be done at least once a year. There may be situations that you were unaware of, that are not only waste water but also causing damage. Here are the biggest sources of water waste around the house.

#1 Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are one of the biggest sources of water waste around the house. Leaky pipes can not only account for a huge waste in water but also low water pressure and structural damage. At least once a year you should check the areas under sinks, behind toilets, and anywhere there are exposed pipes for any leaks. Also, keep in mind that not all leaks will be visible right away. Some leaks could be hidden behind walls or are under the foundation. Some signs that you may have a hidden leaky pipe are:

  • An unexplained jump in your water bill
  • Random pools or puddles of water
  • The sound of dripping water
  • A drop in water pressure

You should call your plumber right away if you suspect a major leak to prevent any unnecessary plumbing disasters.

#2 Leaky Faucets or Shower Heads

Faucets and showerheads can get worn down and not work as well as they used to, making them another big source of water waste around the house. If you notice a faucet or shower head that drips, you could be wasting thousands of gallons of water per year, depending on the severity of the leak. This is not good for your water conservation efforts or your water bill. Replacing old leaky faucets and showerheads is a great way to save water, save money, and update a space. In addition, even if your faucets aren’t dripping it may be a good idea to replace them anyways as newer faucets are designed to use less water without sacrificing pressure.

#3 Old Toilets

Old toilets can account for thousands of wasted gallons of water, especially really old toilets that were installed before 1994 when the environmental protection act mandated that all toilets must use less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Aside from old toilets requiring more water to flush, they also break down over time and can leak water as well. If you notice your toilet making odd sounds, double flushing, or overfilling then it may be time to do yourself a favor and your water bill a favor and replace it with a more efficient model.

#4 Old Appliances

Old appliances are another huge source of water waste around the house. Many new water-using appliances like dishwashers and washing machines require far less water to operate and can save you a lot of money on your water bill. If you are in the market for new appliances then you may want to consider an environmentally friendly model. You will not only save and save money on your utility bills but also could be entitled to a rebate.

#5 Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are another large source of water waste around the house. Areas that don’t receive as much rain require more water to keep grass green. To save water you may want to consider:

  • Switching to plants that are more appropriate to the region you live in.
  • Not watering as frequently.
  • Not watering for as long of a time frame.
  • Watering only in the early morning or late evening when the temperatures are cooler resulting in less evaporation and a more thorough soaking.
  • Installing timers for your sprinkler system.

Check for leaks or busted sprinkler heads on a regular basis to prevent any unnecessary water waste.

For more plumbing tips and tips on saving water check out our other plumbing articles.

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