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3 Sneaky Sources of Water Waste Within Your Home’s Plumbing

In Southern California water waste is no joke, especially as we are coming out of a historical drought. While we did receive a significant amount of rainfall this last rainy season, it is always in style to conserve water: to plan for the future, decrease our carbon footprint, and save a little money on our water bill in the process. Your home’s plumbing can be a sneaky source of water waste. Why? Because as we go on with the busy hustle and bustle of daily life, our plumbing system is one of the furthest things from our mind. In fact, most people don’t give their home’s plumbing much though. That is until there is a major plumbing disaster. Even a drippy faucet may not elicit much cause for concern, as we tend to shrug insignificant leaks off and chalk it up to it being just a funny quirk of an older faucet. However, it is this mindset that can lead to significant water waste and eventually more damage. Here are 3 sneaky sources of water waste within your home’s plumbing system.

#1 Toilets

Toilets are one of the sneakiest sources of water waste within your home’s plumbing. The parts inside the tank of a toilet, like the flapper, wear out over time. This can lead to phantom flushes, where the water level registers as low inside the tank so the toilet flushes itself to maintain its water level. Over time this can lead to a lot of water waste. Because it doesn’t seem like a pressing issue, many ignore this plumbing problem, so it becomes a sneaky source of water waste. However, this isn’t normal behavior for a toilet and can be a pretty simple fix. If you notice your toilet running or flushing on its own, contact your plumber today to prevent water waste.

#2 Faucets and Shower Heads

Faucets and shower heads are another sneaky source of water waste within your home’s plumbing. Faucets and shower heads have many small mechanical parts inside, that can wear out over time. In addition, sediment buildup can also do a number on your faucet and shower head. A faucet or showerhead that has a slow drip after it is turned off can be a huge problem for water waste. A continual drip really adds up over time and can end up wasting thousands of gallons over the course of a year. Replacing old worn out faucets and shower heads will alleviate this and help modernize your space in the process. You may also notice an improvement in water pressure by replacing old drippy faucets and shower heads.

#3 Water Supply Hoses

Water supply hoses provide another sneaky source of water waste within your home’s plumbing, mainly because you don’t spend a lot of time dealing with the water supply hoses. They are usually tucked behind your water using appliances and out of sight out of mind. Just know that, as with everything else, they eventually start to wear down and break. It may be a slow drip or one day it could be a big burst. Either way, water supply hoses should be checked and replaced every 5 years or so. This will prevent water waste and water damage.

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