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Plumbing Repair Tips – Tips to Help You Unclog a Toilet Like a Pro

A clogged toilet is easily one of the most common types of plumbing problems. At some point in time, everyone has dealt with the impending doom of a clogged toilet. That moment when you realize that it isn’t going to happen and you break into a cold sweat, is it going to overflow? What do I do? Many people are caught off guard and don’t know what to do. That’s why we have prepared a few plumbing repair tips that can save you stress and mess. Here are some tips to help you unclog a toilet like a pro!

Don’t Let the Bowl Fill Up

A lot of the time, when you have a clogged toilet, the water will overflow. This can create a nightmare of a mess many people would like to avoid. The bowl of the toilet fills up from the water in the tank. To prevent the bowl from filling up, you need to close the flapper, which covers the drain inside the tank.  Place your hand over the flapper and flush, once the water starts rising in the tank, your good to go.

The Plunger Matters

Whenever you have to unclog a toilet it is important to make sure that you have the right plunger for the job. A flange plunger is the best plunger suited to unclog a toilet because it can form a tight seal around the drain. You can try running your plunger in hot water before use, this helps soften the rubber and makes it more pliable. Pouring some hot water in the toilet bowl can also help break up the clog and make plunging easier. It may take a couple of rounds of plunging to unclog the toilet depending on the severity of the clog. Try flushing in between plunges to check your progress, remember if the bowl starts looking like it is going to overflow, close the flapper again.


An auger can be used for more stubborn clogs. It is a cable-like device that you snake through the toilet to loosen the clog. Start by turning the crank on the end it will stop once you reach the clog. Augers will either break up the clog or hook onto it, in which case you can pull it out. Afterwards, give the toilet a couple of plunges to clear up any remnants of the clog.

Sometimes a clogged toilet can be an indicator of a more serious problem. If you notice water backing up in sinks or tubs, then you could have a clogged main line, in which case you are better off calling a plumber.  One of the best lines of defense against a clogged toilet is to prevent clogs in the first place. Most clogs are caused by flushing things that have no business being flushed like toys, bars of soap, trash, paper products other than toilet paper, and hair. If you have young children, educate them on what they can and cannot flush. For more plumbing repair tips contact Courtesy Plumbing today!

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