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Simple Plumbing Tips That Can Make Home Improvement Projects a Breeze

When it comes to doing home improvement projects, we always advocate for the hiring of professionals. However, determined DIYers may feel the urge to put on that weekend tool belt and down to the nitty-gritty. Some plumbing projects are perfectly suitable for experienced weekend handymen, while others are better left to the pros. Here are some simple plumbing tips that can make your home improvement projects easier.

Home Improvement Tip #1: Silence Banging Pipes

Banging pipes are a pretty common plumbing problem, especially in older plumbing systems. Over time, hot water supply lines can cause copper pipes to expand and rub against joints and pipe hangers. You can alleviate this by wrapping some adhesive-backed felt around the pipe before you fasten the pipe with a pipe hanger. This reduced the amount of wiggle room and therefore reduces the amount of noise.

Home Improvement Tip #2: Improve the Function of Your Sink Sprayer

Sink sprayers are designed to make doing the dishes easier, however, sometimes the hose can get caught on your shutoff valve under the sink reducing the functionality of it. You can prevent your sink sprayer from getting caught by installing ½ inch pipe insulation around pipes and shutoff valve.

Home Improvement Tip #3: Use a Shop Vac to Clear Drains

Sometimes random objects end up in the drain. Maybe your two-year-old flushed a bar of soap or wanted to see if his toy cars were amphibian. For foreign that objects that accidentally make a journey down the drain, a shop vac can do the trick, and suck that obstruction right out.

Home Improvement Tip #4: Use a Magnet to Locate Hidden Pipes

When working on a plumbing project that involves pipes that are hidden under the floor, you can take some of the guesswork out of the equation by locating the pipes under the floor with a magnet. Attach a strong magnet to electrical fish tape and feed through the clean-out plug. Then use a compass to locate the magnet. The compass will spin once the magnet is located, which means you have found your plumbing pipe.

Home Improvement Tip #5: Take a Picture Before You Close

When you are in the middle of a home improvement project, one of the best plumbing tips we can offer is to take a picture of opened walls, floors, and ceilings before you close them up. This will give you a good insight as to where your pipes and electrical wiring are located for future reference.

When it comes to home improvement projects it is important to always put safety first. Remember if you get in over your head, don’t be afraid to contact a professional. For more plumbing tips click here.

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