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Clogmares! The Most Heinous Villains of Clogged Drains!

When it comes to clogged drains we have seen our fair share of clogmares! Half the stuff that gets pulled out ends up looking like something straight out of a nightmare! Clogged drains aren’t only scary looking, they are also inconvenient and can pose health concerns. Here are some of the worst villains of clogged drains!

#1 Hair

Hair truly is one of the worst things that gets pulled out of a clogged drain. Massive wads of hair that end up looking like road kill can cause some serious blockage! Shower drains and sink drains can easily fall prey to long hair follicles submerging itself into the drain. Unfortunately, hair is one of those things that once it gets tangled into your drain it starts to collect other debris, like soap, to form a solid mass of impenetrable hair blob. To mitigate this try installing a screen cover over shower and sink drains to prevent hair from traveling down the drain. You may also want to consider regular drain cleaning as well. In addition, never flush hair down the toilet, the toilet is still a drain and hair can still cause a clogged drain further down the pipe.

#2 Grease

Grease is another nasty culprit of clogged drains. Many think that because it is liquid it will travel on its merry way down the drain but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Once the grease cools down it forms a solid mass, and a solid mass inside your drain is the last thing you want. Over time masses of grease can also start to collect debris which can form a giant obstruction. Thorough drain cleaning by a professional is needed to completely alleviate this problem. To prevent clogged drains from grease, avoid putting grease down the drain at all costs!

#3 Baby Wipes and Diapers

Baby hygiene items like wipes and diapers have not business going down the drain. Believe it or not, wipes and diapers aren’t as biodegradable as you would think. By flushing them down the drain you could risk them getting lodged in your pipes somewhere and cause a clogged drain. This creates a nasty mess. To prevent this from happening don’t flush anything other than waste and toilet paper. Dispose of diapers and wipes in the appropriate location, the trash can!

#4 Feminine Hygiene Products

Just like baby wipes and diapers feminine hygiene products can also cause quite a disturbance in the flow of water in your pipes. They simply aren’t designed to be flushed and can also get lodged in your pipes. Anything that gets trapped in your pipes has the potential to collect other debris and cause a seriously clogged drain. So be kind, and make sure everything that isn’t supposed to be flushed ends up in the trashcan!

#5 Other Paper Items

Again, we have to stress the importance of only flushing toilet paper down the drain. Paper towels, pieces of paper, cigarette butts, and anything else that isn’t quickly biodegradable like toilet paper should never, and we repeat never be flushed or put down the drain. Avoid a clogged drain by putting all trash where it goes, in the trash can.

Not all clogged drains are caused by the culprits we mentioned above. For serious re-occurring clogged drains, you should contact your plumber right away. You could have a major plumbing problem that needs attention. For more information on drain cleaning and how to prevent clogged drains contact Courtesy Plumbing today!

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