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Why Hiring a Qualified Plumber for Slab Leak Repair is Crucial

When it comes to disposing of unwanted objects its always best to dispose of them in the proper receptacle. However, every now and then, strange objects are found in the sewer. Items like rings, money, phones, and toys are examples of some common treasure accidentally lost down the drain. Fortunately, most of these things are easy to retrieve. However, sometimes there are objects found in the sewer which are quite surprising. Here are some of the strangest objects found in the sewer.

#1 Animals

When you think of animals and sewers you automatically think of rats. And yes, rats often make nests in sewers and can even enter your home through your plumbing (which is a scary thought), however, they are not the only creatures to be discovered lurking in the sewers below. Some out of place animals have been found in the sewer, including sheep, cows, dogs, alligators, and goldfish. In fact, in Canada, it is said that there is a huge colony of unwanted goldfish that had been flushed down the toilet. They not only survived their journey down the drain but are actually living and breeding down in the sewer!

#2 Vehicles

You would think that the sewer in an unlikely place someone would park their car, but stranger things have happened. Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles have all been found in the sewer. Their point of origin unknown, but you can bet they caused quite a commotion when they were discovered.

#3 Fat

A massive ball of congealed fat was found in a sewer in London. The fat blob, also known as fatberg weighed 15 tons!! And was the size of a Double Decker bus! Let this be an example that fat or grease should never be poured down the drain! As time passes, it hardens and collects more fat and other objects to form a solid mass. This proves to slow the flow of water and inhibit proper drainage. Can you imagine the back-flow problems a massive 15-ton ball of fat would cause?!

#4 Valuables

Plumbers are no strangers to valuables being lost down the drain. More often than not it’s usually a wedding ring that slipped off during the course of washing some dishes. But how about a Rolex? Or gold? You can add both to the list of strange objects found in the sewer. In fact, one lucky drain cleaner found multiple luxury watches in an Essex sewer system, together they valued over $60,000. Talk about a payday!

#5 Weapons

Weapons have also been found in sewers, and not just knives and guns, but grenades! How they ended up there nobody knows. Talk about watching what you put down the drain!

Have you lost any strange objects down the drain? To protect your drains and your personal belongings it’s a good idea to install screens over your drains. This can help prevent clogged drains and help you keep track of your things. Remember you should always watch what goes down the drain! Putting things that don’t belong down the drain can not only result in clogs but also damage the environment.

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