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Plumbing Problems to Watch Out for After Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall is a welcome sight here in southern California. With a historic drought upon us, the much-needed heavy rainfall is much appreciated. However, with heavy rainfall, you could be at risk for some plumbing problems. Areas that don’t receive a lot of rainfall could be more prone to plumbing problems due to lack of preparedness. Here are some plumbing problems to watch out for after heavy rainfall.

#1 Flooding in Basement

Flooding in your basement is a common plumbing problem associated with heavy rainfall. Flooding can occur due to a faulty sump pump. Sump pumps are designed to pump out excess water from heavy rainfall in basements, garages, utility room, and any other room that is below ground. To prevent flooding, check your sump pump before heavy rainfall. To check your sump pump start by pouring a bucket of water into the crock. The sump pump should automatically turn on and start pumping out the water. You also will want to check and make sure that the pipe that directs the water out if free of clogs and debris. It’s important to replace or repair your sump pump before heavy rainfall. If you don’t have a sump pump, then you may want to consider installing one. Basement flooding can lead to mold, mildew, and expensive damage.

#2 Blockage

After heavy rainfall, another common plumbing problem is blockage.  During a big rainstorm, a lot of trash and debris can get swept around and eventually end up in storm drains and downpipes. One sign of a major blockage is a bad sewer smell emitting from your drains. This type of blockage should be attended to by a professional plumber, as it is no match for a plunger. Avoid using liquid drain cleaners as well, as they do not work and can be harmful to your plumbing system and the environment.

#3 Broken Pipes

In areas that don’t receive a lot of rainfall, where the ground is dry and hard, are particularly susceptible to broken pipes after heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfall can cause the ground to shift, which can cause underground pipes to break. Older galvanized steel pipes are, particularly at risk. Be on the lookout for discolored water or debris in your water after a heavy storm. This could mean there is a broken pipe. Call your plumber right away to locate and fix the broken pipe.

Heavy rainfall is good for the plants and trees and helps clean the air. However, plumbing problems can arise after heavy rainfall. It’s best to be prepared before a storm rolls in. Some good things to have on hand are heavy plastic, sandbags, an emergency first aid kit, and your plumber’s phone number.

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