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Simple Drain Cleaning Tips

When a clog strikes, it tends to be at the worst timing. Perhaps there have subtle signs of an impending clog, like slow drainage, that you have been ignoring. Then you wake up one morning and everything is at a standstill. As annoying as a clogged drain is, it can be a relatively simple thing to fix. Here are some simple drain cleaning tips.

Hot Water

The first thing you should try when faced with a clogged drain is to run some hot water. This simple method is often overlooked, but it is can be effective. Let the hot water run for about 15 minutes. For minor clogs, hot water should be able to clear the gunk and buildup away.


The next simple drain cleaning tip you can try is to employ your plunger. Remember there are several different types of plungers. Cup plungers; suitable for sinks and drains with a flat surface around them, and flange plungers which are for toilets. Each plunger is designed to provide the best suction for the type of drain. Without good suction, a plunger will not do the trick. You can also try applying a layer of petroleum jelly to the end of the plunger to form better suction. Another note when using a plunger is to cover the overflow vent to form enough pressure for the suction to work.

Homemade Drain Cleaner

Another simple drain cleaning tip you can try is a homemade drain cleaner. Use a baking soda and vinegar mixture, followed by boiling hot water. This method works really well at unclogging and cleaning drains. It is not only effective, but it’s also inexpensive, it utilizes things you probably already have, it is gentle on your pipes and the environment, and doesn’t have the health risks associated with liquid drain cleaner. As an added bonus, this method also works to deodorize your drains.


You have probably heard of using soda or soft drinks, specifically coca-cola for cleaning off battery acid, but did you know you can also use soda for unclogging drains and even cleaning the toilet? It makes you wonder what it is doing to your insides! What other things can you use soda for?

When it comes to clogged drains we always recommend you contact a professional plumber, but in the event that you are unable to, these simple drain cleaning tips should do the trick. If none of these tips work, or if you have re-occurring clogs, you should contact a professional plumber for further diagnosis. A more substantial plumbing problem could be afoot. Contact Courtesy Plumbing to learn more!

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