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The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

Plumbing technology has come a long way over the last decade or so. With advances in plumbing technology, many plumbing repairs have not only gotten easier, but less invasive and therefore less expensive. Every homeowner wants to save a little money on household repairs, which often leads to corner-cutting, and DIY attempts that often go south. When it comes to plumbing repair, hiring a professional plumber is always the best route. Not only do they have the experience, but also the right tools, including video pipe inspection technology. Here are the benefits of video pipe inspection and why video pipe inspection can save you money in the long run on plumbing repairs.

#1 Noninvasive

One of the biggest benefits of video pipe inspection is that it is a noninvasive way to see what is going on with a plumbing system. Traditionally, the diagnosis of a plumbing issue would require tearing open walls and or digging trenches. Now, thanks to video pipe inspection, professional plumbers can get a better idea of what the problem is, eliminating the need to needlessly tear open a wall simply to find the source of a leak.

#2 Removes Guess Work

Video pipe inspection removes a lot of the guesswork when it comes to plumbing repair. Instead of speculating the extent of damage, with video pipe inspection you can actually see what is going on in real-time. An accurate assessment of the work scope saves time not to mention money and reduces the number of surprises, which unfortunately always leads to going over budget.

#3 Prevents Damage

Video pipe inspection is great for plumbing repair because it helps prevent damage. By taking out the guesswork, there is no need to open up walls. This protects the rest of your home from unnecessary damage caused by repairs. In addition, because video pipe inspection can give you a more accurate idea of what is going on, you can ensure that the problem will be fixed correctly the first time, preventing further damage.

#4 Saves Time

Video pipe inspection is a time saver because you can quickly see what is going on with a plumbing system without having to tear open walls, open floors, or dig trenches, all of which require manual labor. When it comes to plumbing repair, time is of the essence. The faster repairs can be made the better to prevent damage and save water.

#5 Save Money

With all of the benefits of video pipe inspection, one of the biggest benefits is it saves money. Tearing open multiple walls takes manpower which costs money. Money to tear open the wall and money to close up the wall. This can really add up, especially if a diagnosis is taking a while. Video pipe inspection offers a more direct route to the root of the problem, allowing for more accurate and efficient repair.

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