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The Importance of The Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The bathroom exhaust fan has a very important role. To remove excess moisture away from the bathroom. This is important to prevent water damage and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Improper installation of the bathroom exhaust fan can lead to all kinds of problems, and in fact, is a common building code violation. Many homeowners might not even know that there is a problem with their bathroom exhaust fan. Here are some things to look out for and what you can do.

Signs There is an Issue

There are several things you should be on the lookout for if you suspect that your bathroom exhaust fan isn’t working properly. If you notice excess moisture on the walls after taking a shower there might be an issue with the exhaust fan. In addition, if you notice any mold or smell mildew there could be excess moisture building up from improper ventilation.

The Paper Test

Check and see if your fan is working properly by holding a piece of paper in front of the fan. If the fan is working properly it will grasp the paper no problem. If it fails to grasp the paper, then you need to do some more diagnostics. Remove the grill and check for any clogs. Use a brush to remove any dust and debris that can buildup over time. If you still find a lot of moisture building up, there could be a more serious issue.

Improper Installation

The bathroom exhaust fan should remove moisture and direct it outside and away from your home. However, due to poor craftsmanship sometimes the exhaust is directed into the attic or crawlspace. This does not allow for good ventilation, and in fact, can lead to another serious issue. Another this that can affect the installation, is the size of the fan. It is important to make sure the fan is the right size for your space. You should also check and see if your fan is a recirculating fan, which works to remove odors, not moisture. You can tell if you have a recirculating fan by opening it up. If you notice a filter,

Other Things That Could Affect the Moisture Level

There are a couple of other things that can affect the moisture level in the bathroom. If the bathroom doesn’t receive enough fresh air, it can lead to excess moisture buildup. This is common in bathrooms that do not have a window. Another reason there could be excess moisture buildup is the fan isn’t running long enough. Consider installing a timer that allows the exhaust fan to run for a specified time frame. To learn more contact Courtesy Plumbing today!

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