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3 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Tiny Bathroom

Does your bathroom have all the size and comfort of an airplane restroom? If your powder room has you feeling cramped, then it’s time to give it some much-needed floor space.

The right alterations can make your tiny water closet more spacious, brighter and elegant. Here are three ways to give your bathroom more breathing room.

Go Frameless

The bathtub takes up a lot of real estate. Unless you are a devout bather, you could probably do without the tub. Not only will a shower use less square footage, but also it can be designed to create a more open concept. A frameless glass shower will open up the space and let more light through, even if you do not have natural light. Additionally, this set-up is easy to clean, leading to fewer problems with soap scum and mildew.

Recess Your Storage

Every good bathroom needs at least some storage space. However, shelves and cabinets can stick out like sore thumbs and take up valuable square footage. Instead, opt for recessed storage. One good example is a medicine cabinet built into the wall with sliding mirrored doors. You can also install a cabinet door over recessed shelving space. Discreet storage will also help declutter the countertop.

Install a Tankless Toilet

The rectangular tank on the back of your conventional commode can be imposing in a small bathroom. Tankless toilets are more stylish and easier to clean around because they are attached directly to the wall. Also, they can save a great deal of space. As long as you have the right plumbing hookup, you can place a tankless toilet nearly anywhere in your bathroom, letting you drastically change the layout while increasing floor space. Plus, these toilets can be installed at any height for custom comfort.

Bonus Points

There’s no need to stop with the recommendations above. These simple DIY jobs will create the illusion of space:

  • Hang a larger mirror
  • Stay away from patterned wallpaper
  • Paint the walls and ceiling the same color
  • Keep decorations to a minimum

Courtesy Plumbing can help with your bathroom renovation. For dependable installations of your plumbing fixtures, schedule an appointment with us by calling (626) 774-7167.

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