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4 Products to Prevent Plumbing Problems

Preventing plumbing problems before they occur can save you precious time and money. And doing this is easy when you have the right accessories installed in your home’s plumbing system.

Here are four such products that will make your plumbing function better.

1. Water Hammer Arrestors

If you hear loud bangs and similar noises in your pipes, this is called a “water hammer.” As water flows through your pipes, it builds momentum. As a valve suddenly shuts, that momentum has a shaking effect on the pipes. To prevent the noise and pounding, installing water hammer arrestors will help to cushion the blow, so to speak. Before installation, it is important to determine where the devices are needed. The most typical spots are around dishwashers and washing machines. These appliances have automatic valves that close quickly. Water hammer arrestors are inexpensive fixes that will make your home’s environment a bit more peaceful.

2. Water Conditioner

If your home has hard water, it is filled with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Although these are safe to consume, they can accumulate in your pipes, which is especially bad for your shower and hot water heater. With time, these minerals build and form a chalky substance and limestone. To prevent problems, it is wise to install a water softening system.

Installing a water conditioning system is best left to the professionals. Courtesy Plumbing installs Pelican brand water conditioning products that treat hard water by removing varying amounts of minerals from the solution through precipitation.

In no time, you will be reaping the benefits of this addition. Your clothes, dishes, and bath stalls will be noticeably cleaner. The useful life of your pipes will be elongated as well.

3. Leak Detectors

Leak detection is crucial in any home. If water is allowed to leak without detection, it can lead to expensive damages, including mold. A leak detection system monitors the flows of water through your plumbing. When something is wrong, the system cuts water flow through your house.

There are many signs that your home may have a slab leak issue. For example, your monthly water bill may have increased. Also, you may notice hot or cold spots on the floor or damp carpeting. To prevent problems, it is best to have a leak detector in your plumbing system.

4. Pipe Insulation

Many homes in Southern California experience “sweating pipes.” This occurs when moisture from the air touches a cool surface like the metal of a cold water pipe. Even a plastic pipe may experience this condensation. It can lead to damaging problems for your home’s floors and ceilings.

The easiest solution for this issue is to install insulation around exposed pipes. The foam tubing material is easy to apply making this a simple DIY project. Dealing with condensation in this manner helps to avoid long-term problems. Plus, it helps keep water hot as it travels from your water heater to your faucet. You may even be able to lower the temperature on your water heater to save energy costs.

Working with Courtesy Plumbing

Courtesy Plumbing has been serving the areas around Covina for more than three decades. Our staff is filled with experienced plumbers who aim to bring comfort and efficiency to clients’ homes. The above products are recommended for keeping your plumbing system free of problems. Taking preventative measures can keep future headaches away. Consider installing some or all of them. For more information, call us at (626) 774-7167.

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