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Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

4 Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

When it comes to managing your home, it’s essential to take the proper precautions with all of the integral systems in your home, including plumbing. Whether you are just purchasing your first home or have owned your own home for some time, we put together these plumbing tips for homeowners to help you prepare for and prevent future plumbing problems.

1. Plumbing Inspection

One of the most crucial plumbing tips for homeowners we can offer is to have your plumbing inspected regularly. As part of your routine home maintenance, make sure to check around for any leaks or abnormalities.

Check around the toilet and under the sink. Inspect any exposed pipes for wear and damage. You can also listen for any strange sounds coming from your pipes. Any sounds of rushing water or drips could signify that something is amiss, and a more thorough inspection by a professional is warranted. Early detection and repair can help save you money down the road, protect your home from other more serious problems, and prevent any unnecessary stress associated with a major plumbing problem.

2. Chose Plants Wisely

Believe it or not, the plants that you choose for your landscaping can greatly impact your plumbing system. This brings us to our next plumbing tips for homeowners: choose your landscaping wisely.

A plant’s root system naturally grows towards water and could eventually reach your water line. The condensation emitted from your plumbing pipes can be a magnet for some plants, so it’s important to choose plants wisely. Trees and shrubs that grow slow don’t mature as quickly and won’t grow straight into your plumbing or disrupt the surface as much. If you find you want the benefit of shade quickly with a fast-growing tree, then consider changing out the trees every ten years or so, or be sure to plant them away from your lateral line.

3. Have the Proper Tools on Hand

Another plumbing tip for homeowners is to make sure you have the proper tools on hand if you have a plumbing emergency. Make sure you have a different plunger for the toilet and the sink. A shop vac and a fan are also good to have on hand to dry out a flooded area.

4. Know How to Shut Off the Water

If there is a plumbing emergency, an excellent plumbing tip for homeowners is to know where the water line shut-off valve is. If the problem is localized under the sink or behind the toilet, there is a shut-off valve right there you can use.

If it’s a more serious plumbing problem, you will need to know where the main water line is. The main water line could be in the basement, a crawl space, or on the outside of your home. If you can’t find it, consult your local plumber.

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