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How to Prevent Hair from Clogging Your Drains

Prevent Hair from Clogging Drains

Hair is the Achilles Heel of your drains! When hair enters your drains, it usually doesn’t pass through to the sewer. Instead, it gets stuck, along with all the soap scum, grease, and other debris that make it down the drain. This forms a mass that gradually gets bigger and bigger. Eventually, an obstruction is formed that will stop all functionality of your drains. Therefore, hair is one item that should never go down the drain.

Here is how to prevent hair from clogging your drain.

Don’t Put Hair Down the Drain

Hair is often disposed of incorrectly. We are talking about excess hair from your brush or comb or the hair clippings from your haircut or shaving. These often get discarded by flushing or rinsing down the drain, which will eventually cause a clog. When you clean your brushes or combs, get a haircut, or trim your beard, keep the hair out of the drain and put it in the trash can where it belongs.

Watch What Else Goes Down the Drain

Hair isn’t the only culprit of clogs. Like we just mentioned, it is a joint effort from grease, soap scum, and other debris. The fewer repeat offenders that make it down the drain, the better. Make sure all grease and table scraps go in the trash can, as well as any other solid objects. Drains are meant to remove water and human waste only.

Invest in Screens

One of the easiest ways to keep hair from clogging your shower drain and sink drains is to invest in screens. This is a convenient and inexpensive tool that can prevent future clogs and save you money on future repairs. Install screens on all shower, tub, and sink drains.

Regular Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning is a great way to stay on top of your plumbing maintenance. By having your drains cleaned at regular intervals, you prevent hair from causing clogs. Regular drain cleaning also helps improve the functionality of your pipes by removing the grime that naturally builds up over time. And by being protective, you prevent expensive repairs and unnecessary damage.

Drain Cleaning in Covina

Hair clogs are a nasty thing that can wreak a lot of havoc on your drains. Fortunately, hair clogs are 100% preventable. For more plumbing tips or to schedule your drain cleaning, contact Courtesy Plumbing today!

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