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Pacific Electric Bike Trail, Upland


Situated in the heart of Upland, California, the Pacific Electric Bike Trail beckons cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts with its scenic beauty and historical charm. This iconic trail traces the route of the historic Pacific Electric Railway, offering a unique journey through both natural landscapes and the rich tapestry of Southern California’s past.

Spanning approximately 21 miles, the Pacific Electric Bike Trail meanders through Upland, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, and Fontana, providing a dynamic snapshot of the region’s diverse environments. From urban landscapes to tranquil suburban neighborhoods, riders are treated to a kaleidoscope of views that showcase the area’s unique blend of natural and man-made beauty.

The trail begins in the city of Upland, where cyclists are greeted by well-maintained paths and lush greenery. The trailhead serves as a gateway to adventure, inviting riders to explore the landscape while immersing themselves in the fascinating history of the Pacific Electric Railway. As cyclists pedal along, they traverse the same routes that once buzzed with the hum of electric trains, connecting communities and fostering growth in the early 20th century.

One of the trail’s standout features is its accessibility and family-friendly atmosphere. The path accommodates riders of all skill levels, from beginners seeking a leisurely ride to seasoned cyclists looking for a more challenging workout. Families often frequent the trail, taking advantage of its safe and spacious environment for weekend outings and recreational activities. The trail’s well-designed layout ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all, with designated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.

As riders progress along the Pacific Electric Bike Trail, the landscape unfolds to reveal the stunning backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains. Majestic peaks stand tall against the horizon, providing a picturesque contrast to the urban and suburban scenery. Cyclists can take a moment to pause, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Interwoven with the natural splendor is the trail’s commitment to preserving history. Informative plaques and markers dot the route, narrating the story of the Pacific Electric Railway and the pivotal role it played in shaping the region. These historical touchpoints not only educate riders but also add a layer of significance to the journey, transforming it into a captivating blend of recreation and cultural exploration.

Whether it’s a solo ride to clear the mind, a family outing filled with laughter, or a group adventure with friends, the Pacific Electric Bike Trail in Upland, California, stands as a testament to the enduring allure of outdoor exploration. With its diverse landscapes, historical resonance, and a warm embrace of all who tread its path, this trail encapsulates the essence of Southern California’s multifaceted charm. Cyclists, history enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike find solace and joy along the Pacific Electric Bike Trail, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and enriching outdoor experience.

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